How do you set up and use your own custom Results Slides in Storyline 360 Templates?

We use a Storyline 360 template where I work and I've created a preformatted Results slide as a part of this. However, whenever we insert this slide from the template into a project, it assigns it the same quiz number (e.g. Results1.ScorePercent).

So what happens is that it works for the first quiz, but because the second quiz for which we insert a results slide from the template uses the same number, you end up getting the same score as you got for Quiz 1 for Quiz 2.

Sometimes, when you insert the results slide from the template, it informs you that there is another quiz with the same variable and gives you buttons for two options:

1) Click here if you want to use the same variable as the current quiz.

2) Click here if you want to assign the new quiz you're inserting a new variable.

Of course it makes sense to select Option 2. However, it wants to assign the same quiz number every time you try to insert a results slide from the template (e.g. Results11.ScorePercent).

So this won't work either.

Is it possible to set up a results slide using a Storyline 360 template, and if so, what's the best method so as to avoid the issues just outlined above.


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Lauren Connelly

Hello Jim!

I've looked at something similar to what you're describing, and it could be as simple as changing the Results slide variable the correct number. If you've tested out multiple result slides, then it could be generating a score from a previous results slide.

Would you mind sharing your file so I can give you a more tailored fix? You can do so by using the "add attachment" button in this discussion. Or you can share the file privately with our Support Engineers by using this link.


Jim Beckman

How do you change the results slide variable to the correct number?

What happens is that when I insert another Results slide, it uses the same number as the previous results slide I inserted from the template , say,


So there is only one set of variables for the results slides in the Built-in variables (Results1), meaning there is only one variable to change, even though you have imported two results slides.