Variable behaviour

Mar 11, 2015

Hi, I'm seeking some clarity on the way variables work in Storyline 2.  Here's my issue:

I have a scenario on a single slide with multiple layers.  I've got 'scenario' buttons (to click through the scenario) plus slide back and forward buttons. I want to hide the forward and back buttons to force the learner to click through the scenario but if the learner wants to review the scenario, that is go back a second time, I then want the forward back buttons visible, so they can jump out of the scenario at any time.  I've set a variable change state on the last layer of the scenario to change the variable to True.  Upon first time through the scenario I have the forward back buttons hidden by using 'if variable does not eqaul True, hide buttons.  That seems to work fine but when going back to review the scenario, the buttons are still hidden. So it seems like my variable is resetting when they go back to review, even though I have the base slide to 'automatically decide'.  Even when I try 'retain' the varible still doesn't seem to stick with True.  Is a variables value only updated once you click forward to the next slide or is it immediate and if so, how do I ensure that upon second time around, it keeps the value of True gained the first time around?  I hope that makes sense.


Thank you.

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