Variable decreasing incorrectly in review layers when clicking the back button

Dear All,

I have been working on a quiz for a while now and just when I thought I had it ready, I came across an issue that I want to solve in elegantly. 

The quiz has a review layer where I have inserted back and forth arrow. Now on each base layer (10 slides) I have put the variables correctly for the score and for the question number so I have no problem. However, once the student takes the quiz after two attempts and the review option shows up, and she/he starts reviewing and say, tries to click on the back arrow, the question number increases. Keeping in mind that I do have the variable on the results slide that resets itself to 0 when user clicks review and also  all my questions are in a bank, getting picked up randomly, is there an elegant way to go down in number when the back arrow is clicked in the review layer, aside from substracting 2. (Also, I do not have master slide).

Thank you very much. I appreciate your inputs!


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Wendy Farmer

Hi Elena

The reset results trigger that SL generates when you add the Retry quiz button won't be resetting your question number variable unless you have added a trigger and make sure it is before the jump to xx slide to begin the quiz again.

Also, if you want the quiz numbers to start from 1 again and increment on review, the reset to 0 variable would need a trigger on the review button as well.

As Brian said, easier to help you troubleshoot if we can see your specific setup.


Elena Stankovska-Castilla

Hi Brian. Thanks for answering my plea for help. Here is the file you need to either fail twice or make it twice, then the review button is available and then when you go through 2 or 3 questions and then you press the back button, the question number is increasing.

Elena Stankovska-Castilla

Hi Wendy, Thanks for your suggestion. Here is the file as promised.  You need to either fail twice or make it twice, then the review button is available and then when you go through 2 or 3 questions and then you press the back button, the question number is increasing, which is the problem I have.

Dave Cox

Hi Elena,

You have a trigger on each question slide that advances your slide number by one when the timeline starts. So the number is going to increment each time you land on the slide. 

When you click the back button, you need to back the number down by one. But since the slide you just returned to will also increment the number, you also need to account for that, So you actually need to decrement the number by 2 each time the back button is clicked.

I added triggers that will decrement the number by two when the back button is clicked. This should solve your issue.

Elena Stankovska-Castilla

Dear Dave,

Thank you very much for your input. However, I believe that this is not exactly the best solution for what we have in mind. When you get to question 2 or below (by clicking on the back arrow) the numbers start increasing again. I had already tried the -2 and had the exact same result as the one you have given me in the file above.  It is all going well for a little while until you reach question 2 or 1.

Also, I was hoping there was a way to avoid the little glitch that happens with the substract 2; it is quite visible that the numbers go e.g. 4, 2 and 3 due to the variables going -2 and then +1. I thought there may be an alterative solution.

Thank you for your help and I hope there is a way.




Dave Cox

Hi Elena,

I see what you mean by the strange counts. I Noticed that slide two has right-click selected instead of a regular click. I changed that to a regular click, and everything seems to work correctly now. Give this on a try.

As to the numbers jumping around as the logic resolves, that is easily hidden by delaying when the count shows by a quarter of a second. 

I've made these changes for you. See if this one works better.