Variable help in Storyline 2

Jan 24, 2015

I am practicing using variables and I've run into a problem while creating a game that navigates a kayak across a lake. I've created a rock obstacle and am attempting to change the Kayak to the False Variable (to end the game) when x and y coordinates equal 3, 3. As you can see from my screenshot while previewing, the kayak's coordinates are 3, 3 and the state remains true. Is there a step that I'm missing? I am working on this project as an exercise, but can't help but think that there is an underlying principle in Storyline 2 about variables that I'll need to learn from this.


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Michael Hinze

See attached a revised file. You had your triggers set to execute when timeline starts. However, the two variables can change at any point along the timeline. I changed them to "When variable changes" and duplicated the triggers to account for the possibility that either of the two variables can change. Have a look and see if that's what you wanted.  

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