Variable Issue on Results Slide

I am using Storyline2:


I created a results slide and want my users to review the quiz if they failed, and then be able to retake the test after they have reviewed it. I used the default settings to add the "Retry Quiz" button, and then attempted to alter states to make it visible after review, however, it remained in its initial state.


I then tried to create T/F variable, but I had the same issue.

Switching gears, I attempted the numeric variable and left the button in "normal" state, but prompted the state to change to invisible if the value was less than 1. By clicking on "Review" the variable would then increase by a value of 1, and I prompted it to change the button state back to normal if the value was >=1 (that way the retry would always be available after 1st review). The button successful was hidden based on the variable, but I could not get it to reappear. I even tried jumping to a different slide where I had the retry quiz button, but it seems like the results slide is resetting my variables.


Any ideas?



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jeff,

Without seeing your file, it's hard to say - but I'd first look into trigger order in regards to setting the variable value - as you'll want to ensure that's happening prior to any "jump to slide" triggers as they'll be executed in the order described here. 

In regards to variables resetting you'll also want to check into the revisiting properties and use the "resume saved state".