Variable programming not quite right

Jan 04, 2015

Hi Ashley and the rest of our community - Happy 2015.   I posted a question December 2014 re states not changing on a slide until the mouse is hovered over them. I have programmed for a state change in a menu slide in response to a T/F variable changing at the end of a scene in my course.

My issue is that the state doesn't change until the mouse is moved over the button I am changing. Ashley posted to say that it might be a trigger order issue.

I am attaching my draft course below for community perusal and hopefully the answer to my dilema.

Ashley Terwilliger replied:

Hi Fiona,

...... we'd be happy to take a look at the actual .story file here - as a common issue is trigger order - as they'll execute as described here and that's easier to see with the file in hand. 

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Fiona Klassen

Hi Wendy,

Thanks for looking into this for me. In this e-learning 3 scenes are linked back to a menu screen (slide 7.1). I have set variables from the last slide of each scene to change the corresponding button on slide 7.1. I have attached a map of the module in a subsequent post.

For instance; slide 8.4 of scene 5 is linked to the button labelled 'Devices button' on 7.1. The final slide of the scene also has a place holder carousel at the bottom to indicate to the learner that they have finished a scene of the training. I have also coded for a change of state of the relvant part of the carousel to change.

Scenes 4 (Actions) and Scene 3 (Risks) are a little more complicated. For scene 4 slides 4.2, 4.3, 4.4 are linked to slide 4.1 to indicate to the learner which part of the scene has been completed. This in turn links back to the menu screen (7.1) the Actions button when all parts of scene 4 have been visited. Slide 4.1 also has the 'carousel' set to indicate the completion of the scene.

For Scene 3 (Risks) slides 3.2, 3.3 & 3.4 are all coded to change the state of the relevant buttons on slide 3.1 to indicate completion to the learner. Again slide 3.1 is linked back to the menu slide 7.1 to again indicate completion to the learner. Slide 4.1 also has the 'carousel' set to indicate the completion of the scene.

When all three scenes have been completed I have asked the module to reveal Scene 6 (Exit Scene to signal the end of the training).

Would really appreciate any help you or the other heroes can provide for this project please.

Thanks in advance

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Fiona

I have updated the trigger for the 'RISKS' section only.  All I did was change the object to the Training Outline slide instead of what you had there which I think was a button reference so when the three risk factors have been visited and the variable is triggered to true - when you return to that Training outline slide the RISKS state is a red complete tick

See attached sample and let me know if that is what you mean

Fiona Klassen

Hi Wendy,


My apologies for taking so long to reply. I'm not quite sure what you mean by 'Changing the object to the Training Outline slide'. How do I do this? I see you added a tester button on slide 3.1 but can't quite see how the slide itself is set to trigger.

I also notice on slide 3.3 there is a slide trigger attached which states 'Change state of unassigned to Completed when timeline starts. Is it okay to leave unassigned in here? I had assumed this would make the trigger inactive.

Does this trigger achieve what you have described?

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