Variable question for eLearning

Oct 22, 2021

I'm trying to create a quiz using hotspots over text.  I want the user to be able to continue to the next slide only if they get at least 4 out of the 8 questions correct.  How do I set the variables here?


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Walt Hamilton

I prefer shapes to hotspots; they give more flexibility, without as much baggage. Don't fall for the thought that it will be easier or faster to count the correct items as they are clicked, as this can give false counts if the learner changes their mind.

The sample will give you some ideas to get started. Scene 1 gives credit if at least four correct answers are selected. Scene two gives credit as long as correct answers outnumber incorrect choices by at least four. Scene three gives credit for at least four correct answers only if there are no incorrect answers chosen.

I included variables since you asked for them. It might be easier just to check the state of each object, and forgo the counting.