Variable to restrict quiz retry to 2 won't work

Hi. I have just started using Storyline and have developed a quick test elearning.

The variable to restrict quiz attempts to 2 won't work though.

I followed this tutorial to the word, but it still allows infinite attempts at the quiz. Could somebody possibly have a look at it and give me an idea of what I'm doing wrong? Thanks.

P.S. I have uploaded this course to both our own LMS and SCORMCLOUD in SCORM 2004 but the results were the same.

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Steven McAneney

Thanks for your input Phil, but rather than try and find a workaround I am really interested in learning why this variable doesn't work. Variables are new for me, and I am keen to master them as soon as possible. 

Besides, there must be a reason it works in the tutorial, but not on my computer? Compatibility with Windows7 perhaps? Or a simple mistake by myself. I'd like to get to the bottom of it...

Phil Mayor

You will still need to set the the course to force resume or the next time they load the course they will be able to take the quiz again.

The problem with you slides is that the add to variable trigger is after the jump to slide trigger, move it before and it should work.

Trigger order is very important anything after a jump to trigger will not fire because the slide is destroyed at that point

Steven McAneney

That works! Thanks Phil, I'll be sure to read the triggers tutorial next. I've only been using Storyline for one day, so I'll get there in the end. I hate to say it, but Captivate allowed better control of quiz attempts. I am however very happy my Captivate is now in the bin and I can use a software that is intuitive and doesn't glitch/freeze/crash for no reason. YAAAAY!