Variable triggers with shapes

Aug 01, 2023

I have two textboxes (which are actually shapes) that should change state when a certain true/false variable is either true or false. One textbox is named 'Question' and the other 'Answer'.  When the variable Question = True. Textbox Question changes state. But when the variable Answer = True, Textbox Answer doesn't change, when it should. Neither Textbox reverts to Normal state when the relevant variables = false either. The variable triggers are set up so the textboxes change state, so I don't see why they wouldn't work.

The 'Set Variable to true/false' triggers exist on the Slide Master. The textboxes and the 'Change state of variables' triggers exist on the slides themselves. Is it possible that the triggers are not communicating between Slide Master and the Slides?

The scene 'FC Set 1' and the Slide Master 'FC Set 1 New' are the problematic areas.

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Walt Hamilton

It's hard to say, without seeing scene 5, to know if the variables are being set. You can check by Inserting a reference to those two variables in a text box on scene 2 slide 1.

In general, it seems to give a lot more flexibility if you design your master slides so that the Top, or overall Master is blank, then all the layouts below it contain all the changes. That makes it easier to add different layouts.