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Jan 10, 2017

Hi there,

Wondering if I could get a hand with this issue. For some reason when I preview this slide the variable is coming up as text under "Bathroom", "Total Material Price" instead of "0". I can't see any differences in the setting between this and the other variables that are working.

How do I change it so it will come up as a zero?




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Pete Rix

Hi Michelle,

If you haven't already, I would try making a new reference to the variable on screen to see if that one works correctly. And if that doesn't work, try deleting the existing variable and replace it with a new one.

To ensure there isn't a typo, create a new text box on screen. Then from the Insert tab, select Reference. Then choose your variable from the list.

Hope this helps!


Wendy Farmer

Hi Michelle

I removed the variable reference from the slide, changed the default value in the variables list to 5, saved the variable change, added the reference back into the field, then changed it back to 0 and saved and it appears to be working as expected now.

Hope that helps.

Wendy Farmer

It was a need when I had to build a branching module with over 100 variables - you learn pretty damn quick.  

Best advice is to add a text box on screen with the variable reference (I know you've done that in this case with the number variables) but for True/False especially - that way you can see if they are being executed correctly when you expect them to.

Here are a few links that may help you out

  •  video tutorials for SL2 which have download practice files - specifically this one on variables.
  • Here is another tutorial on variables
  • Also youtube is great for finding quick how to videos...

and practice, practice, practice :-)

Plus you have over 100,000 people on the forum willing to help when you have a question - so don't hesitate to shout out if you need help.

Good luck with your project.

BTW - you didn't do anything wrong with your slide - it was just a glitch which sometimes happens.  I troubleshoot by removing and recreating what isn't working until it does work or I realise I need to go another way.  In your case, it was just a matter of removing and recreating.

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