Variable works in Flash but not HTML5


I have a .story that has a variable set to keep the user from hitting "Submit" without entering anything in a text field.  It works fine in Flash, but doesn't in HTML5.  All variables are being set in the slide, not the background or layer. If anyone can take a look at let me know how I could fix it, I would appreciate it. 



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John Say

I finally figured out what was causing the problem. On your trigger "show layer invalid entry", on the condition, you put in "if TextEntry == ". I found that you put in a space under "Value". You might have gone into the Value setting and hit the space bar on your keyboard. Having a space in the Value setting causes an issue in HTML5.

To fix the issue, go into your trigger conditions and delete the space in the Value settings. Please check out the fixed version of your file here: