Variables and If then statements

Nov 12, 2012

I have a slide wtih 4 buttons and 4 checks marks next to each button.

The 4 checks are set to invisible on slide entry.

I have 4 variables set up booleans.

When each button is pressed it jumps out to a slide. That slide then returns them to the main navigation page.

The button sets the variable to true. Via a trigger.

When i return to the main page i want the check mark to appear next to the button that was pressed. 

Is this possible?

I do a Change state of  "checkmark1" to state "Normal" when "Variable Changes" variable "variable 1"

Do i need to set the conditions or my trigger differently to accomplish this?

I feel like this is possible but im doing ti wrong.

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Geert De Rycke

Hi Josh,

So you want to change the statis of your checkmarl depending on the value of a variable.


Action: Change state of

On Object: checkmark1

To State: Normal

When: timeline starts

Object: your slide (not the an object on your slide)

Click show conditions

Click green +

Select variables

if:Select your varaible

operator:== (equal to)

type: Value


 When finished click OK



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