Variables and Quizes

Aug 09, 2017

Hi there, I wanted to limit attempts to a final assessment to two and add a review quiz after the 2nd failed attempt and its not working.

Here's what I did:

  • I created a variable "Attempts" default = 0
  • Added a trigger - add 1.0 to "Attempts" when user click "retry quiz"
  • Change state of "retry quiz" to disabled when Attempts > than 0
  • Disable Review button until variable Attempts > 0


What am I doing wrong?

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Len Hack

Hi Katie,

I've had many a battle with quiz, attempts and reviewing. 

Try reordering your triggers - as you have a 'Jump to' before the 'Add 1' on the Retry button, it will jump without adding. Move the 'Add' above the 'Jump to'.

The first two triggers should probably run on timelines start or something similar, if I've understood correctly.

Also your first two triggers are both for greater that 0.00.

While you're building something like this I recommend adding a text box to show the value of the variable. I suspect if you add that to the Results screen you'll see its not changing for 0,

Obviously this is all going off one screenshot but please let me know if it helps?


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