Variables and Scorm

Jun 26, 2013

Hi everyone,

I have created a bar at the bottom of my course that displays 'In Progress'. I have also created a duplicate bar that displays 'Complete'.

I have set the initial state for the 'In Progress' bar as normal, and the initial state for the 'Complete' bar as hidden.

I have set a Javascript to be executed when timeline starts as follows:

var Status  = lmsAPI.GetStatus();

player.SetVar("Status", Status);

I have created a number variable called 'Status' that defaults to 0 and changes depending on the LMS Completion status.

I have then setup a trigger to change the state of the 'Complete' bar from hidden to normal when the variable 'Status' value is less than 4.

When I force the course to complete (via a seperate button and script), the value returned fromt he LMS is 2 (

var LESSON_STATUS_COMPLETED     = 2; //the user completed the content) and the 'Complete' bar appears.

However, when I click to the next slide, the 'In Progress' bar reappears until the end of the course when the LMS completion status changes to 1 (var LESSON_STATUS_PASSED        = 1; //the user completed the content with a score sufficient to pass).

Any ideas why the state of reverts to hidden after changing to normal? It appears to only change when the LMS score updates. I want it to stay as state normal and therefore on display once the LMS has registered Completion.

Any help will be hugely appreciated.

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