Variables and State Changes - for Locked Menu Slides

Jan 27, 2016

My client wants a menu locked down to force the learner to view each slide.  I am using a Menu slide of "shapes" - The Step (Shape) should change color after the corresponding slides have been viewed.  The learner cannot advance to the next step (shape) until the previous step/shape has a State change.  It doesn't change for me.  Here is my set up:

Set Variable-

1. Variable Assigned to last slide for each step (default to False)

2. Variable changes to True when timeline starts on this last slide (this will document the learner visited that slide).

Menu:  Set States and Triggers

1. When a step (1 for example) has been fully viewed, the corresponding State/Shape on the menu should change color.

2. The learner can then advance to the next step if the previous step/shape has the new State. 

3. I created a "trigger" on the Menu page to Change the State of that shape when the Variable changes on the slide (in my case to true). 

4. The new State/Color Change does not change.  It locks the learner. 

Did I make this too complicated? 

Thank you,




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Laurel Thomas

Hi, Terra. Without seeing the actual course, the only things I can think of are:

  • Check the order of triggers on the Menu. You have to have Storyline do any calculations or variable changes BEFORE jumping anywhere.
  • Check the settings on the Menu for what happens when the learner returns. If it's in initial state, it might be "resetting" the variable calculation.

See if that does anything to change things for you. Hope that helps!

Char Larkin

Hi Walt,  Your response makes perfect sense.  I had wondered if my Menu slide was reading the variable changes on the last slide of each "Step/Topic" - so that is more than likely my problem.  I will study your example. 

It just seems to me that this can be set up correctly, but I need to figure it out.  :)

Thank you,



Char Larkin

Hello again, Walt. 

After studying your attachment, I realized that  my set-up was quite similar to your example.  I had variables set in their proper locations.  However, my mistake was that I did not set up the "state change and variable" trigger properly on the Menu slide using a "condition."   I've attached a screenshot of my Menu. 

Thank you for sharing your example!



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