Variables creating slow loading slide

Nov 18, 2020

Hi team, 

I hope you can help. Sorry for the long description. 

I'm working in Articulate 360. I'm publishing for the web.

I created a "savings" dashboard on the base layer of the slide. When the user hits the slide, they're auto directed to layer 1 (metrics entry layer) that includes a number of variables where they can enter their own metrics. The variables (30 variables and counting) are triggered when the user clicks an Apply button and the layer is hidden to reveal the savings dashboard now updated based on their metrics and the variables which replicate complex formulas. 

Here's the issue. Initially, when user clicks the object to go to this slide there is a delay of ~ 3 seconds. Then when the slide opens, there is ~ 11 second delay while the layer loads. I added a little animation on the base layer to say "please wait while it loads" but it's pretty annoying. 

After the first time the layer loads... if the user goes back to the metrics entry layer, there is NO delay. 

Question: Can I preload the variables and or slide in the background somehow since the variables on this slide appear to be the cause of the loading delay? If not, can someone point me to some javascript formulas that can pull in the entered metrics and manage the formula within a script... I assume this would cut down on 2/3 of the variables required?

I'll include just the slide if that helps.

Thanks in advance.

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