Variables, Databases and Compatibility

Jan 22, 2013

I was wondering if anyone could provide insight into a problem we're having.

We're using Storyline to make a multistage e-learning module and we want users to be able to resume progress from where they left off.
The progress will be stored on our website's database and it's easy enough to send and get data using JavaScript and PHP. The wrench in the gears is that the Articulate Player doesn't support JavaScript and we want compatibility for both PC's and iPad's.

So we looked at TinCan API due to its cross-platform compatibility but are having trouble extracting the data we want.

My employer doesn't want to use a commercial LMS/LRS, rather just track a couple of variables in a database and have Storyline read them, but still be compatible with PC's and Articulate Player for iPad.

Is TinCanAPI going to provide the solution? How would we go about doing something like this?

Thank you in advance!

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Sebastien Greffet

Hello !

We are working on the same project. I made many test, but all I can find is to forget the Articulate Player and made it compatible with Safari mobile. Indeed the mobile player is really not compatible with Javascript, I hope later it will be, but not now.

In the same time, I'm working on a solution with a web object, I don't finish the test but it could be a lead!

In fact, I think, with Apple we are goind to develop module like we may develop a website: one for computer, one for iPad...

We may keep in contact if you want .

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