Variables Do Not Interact Between Different Slides

May 25, 2022


I am attempting to unhide/show an object or slide layer when triggering a variable from another slide. However, my attempts have not been successful.

For example, when clicking a Main Menu button at the end of a lesson, a hidden checkmark (object) should appear in the Main Menu indicating that lesson was completed.  This has not been the case. 

My work:

  • Created a True/False variable CompleteLesson = False
  • Attributed variable to Main Menu button at end of lesson to Set CompleteLesson to value True - When the user clicks Main Menu 
  • Attributed variable to Main Menu slide as Change state of Checkmark to Normal - When CompleteLesson changes - If CompleteLesson = value True

I assume my triggers have been set correctly because if I set the same triggers within the same slide, the object (checkmark) appears. It just seems to not recognize it if coming from another slide.

I also attempted the same but with a slide layer rather than an object.

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Ron Price

Hey Steven,

The "When Variable Changes" Trigger can be a little tricky and is best used when you want the action to happen right when the variable changes.  Since the variable is changing on a different slide, when you are back on the menu it is not changing, since it already has,so there is no catalyst for the trigger.

A more stable option would be a trigger "when the timeline starts" of the SLIDE under the condition that the variable CompleteLesson is equal to true.

Steven Caban

Thank you so much. I had to tweak your recommendation a bit unless it was what you intended for me to do. I changed the trigger to the Main Menu page to "when the timeline starts". That did not work. So I changed the trigger on the slide for the completed lesson as well. I changed the CompleteLesson variable to true when the timeline starts as well. It did not work if I left as when user clicks Next.

I am going to post another question but maybe you can help here or look out for it. I want information (slide layer) to show or hide in a slide when the user continuously clicks a button the slide (an open/close effect). I was able to create triggers to only once "open and close" the layer. Once I closed the layer after opening, I could not open again.

My work:

  • Created a trigger: Show Layer X, when the user clicks ButtonX, If the state of ButtonX = Normal, and the state of ButtonX = Selected. (I also attempted this with both states as selected)
  • Created a trigger: Hide Layer X, When the user clicks ButtonX, If the state of ButtonX = Visited.

I attempted several states for the button but the only result I get is being able to show and hide the layer. I am unable to have it show again.