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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Q - If subsequent users will be restarting the course completely (i.e., relaunching it from scratch), you would just need to disable the resume feature so that each session is treated as a new session. You can do this by setting the Resume prompt to "never."

If, however, the course will stay open and new users will begin their session by just returning to a particular slide such as a menu slide, you could add a trigger on that slide which resets the variable when the slide timeline starts. Depending on the type of variable you're working with, the trigger would look something like this one, which resets a number variable back to zero when users revisit a particular slide:

Q Man

It worked. On the menu button that leads to the slide I created a number of triggers to change each of the variables to "enter text here." The key to making it work was ordering the triggers so that the last trigger was the Jump to Slide. The triggers to reset the variable needed to be completed before it jumped.

Thanks again.