Variables for check marks and layer trigger

May 03, 2013

Hi. I would appreciate anyone's help. I have a slide with four lines of questions with check marks.

and so on.

I would like to show a new layer if a user has checked the checkbox for either Y or N for each question.

I set up a true/false variable of Q1 - state of checkbox - any - checkbox line 1 Y and checkbox line 2 - selected

and another variable of Q2 - state of checkbox - any - checkbox line 2 or checkbox line 2 - selected

Then I set a trigger to show layer if variable changed for Q1 and then the condition of "and" Q2 = true.

I can't get this to shown the layer. Am I doing something wrong? I have never worked with variables before. Iappreciate the help!

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Wanda,

You're wanting to show the same layer for each selection, correct?

First thing I would check, do you have the default value for the True/False variable set to "False"? If not, it may not be adjusting when the options are selecting. 

One thing I noticed in the screenshot - I believe you have the variable listed for "line2" in the conditions, instead of "line1".

That might be contributing to the problem as well.


Wanda Grainer

Thanks so much for your quick response, Christine. I do want one layer to show up if a response has been checked in each of the question lines. I do have the default value for the True/False set to False. I also just sent a screen shot of just one variable. I have one variable for each line of questions - line 1 and line 2. So, I thought if I set the variable to change if either one checkmark or the other checkmark was selected that would be good and then I could set up a trigger for the layer to show. Is my show layer trigger incorrect? I've attached a test file so you can see what I've done. As I said, this is my first variable so I'm hoping it is something apparent that I have done wrong. Does the image below help?

I appreciate your help! I tried to upload the Storyline file but I can't get it to attach.

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Wanda! :)

Is the file fairly large? Also, make sure you're not trying to upload the entire published project, just the .STORY file if you want to share it :)

I still see the same thing in your triggers.

Here's the problem:

Show layer Untitled Layer 1

When line1 changes

If line2 is equal to True

See the condition "If line2 is equal to True"? The problem with this is that it's going off of the variable you created for line 2, not line 1. So, this would only show if the variable for the other line is true, not the line you're currently working on.

So, you'll want it to look like this:

I'm attaching a quick example, if you'd like to check it out :)

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions.

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Wanda,

It should show when both options "Y" and "N" are selected. That's why I was asking if you wanted this to show when both options were selected.

You should be able to set this up the same way for another line, but you'll want to use a separate variable and separate triggers for it.

I hope you have a great weekend!


Wanda Grainer

Christine. I just figured out that the example did work if you selected both check boxes as it was set to "all" rather than "any". I've attached the file (I hope) with two lines of questions. I changed the trigger to change the state of the continue button rather than layer because I thought perhaps the layer was causing the problem. But, that wasn't it. Anyway, I need only the continue button to show up if someone has checked one box for each question 1 and question 2. So they must click at least one question for each line before the continue button shows. I'm sure it's something with the trigger wizard that I've done incorrecting. I'm thinking my condition is wrong. Can you look at the attached? I understand if you don't have time. THANK YOU!

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