Variables in Slide Master not saved with template or themes

Jul 30, 2014


I did custom navigation slides with a mute button, following the "muteToggler" trick (can't find the post back,though).

This custom button relies on a muteToggle variable to tell the SWF to mute/unmute sound.

Now that we're testing those templates, we just discovered the variable was not there in new projects made from the template, which makes it useless...

Any solution ?


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Harri S

Hi Pierre,

Just want to jump in on this thread as my colleague has just this afternoon imported a project into a new file (as we believed the previous one had become corrupted) and the variables she had on her master slides have disappeared.

I hope someone can help with this as it's an awful lot of rework for her and, as you say, it makes templated master slides useless.

Harri S

Hi Pierre,

We hadn't actually pin pointed this behaviour until I saw your post at a fortuitous moment. We had been scratching our heads for ages trying to figure out why the slides weren't working anymore when they had been fine before in a different SL file - your post pointed us in the right direction. So, if nothing else comes of this, thank you for helping us to identify the issue.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Pierre and Harri,

Christine actually provided a good explanation of this in an earlier thread about pulling in triggers and variables from a slide master and using it as a template. This is currently by design as the templates are set up to be a base or starting of a Storyline file, but you'll still need to associate those triggers and variables with items in the project. I've seen at least one other thread where users mentioned submitting feature requests about this behavior, so please feel free to share your thoughts there as well.

Please feel free to let us know if you need anything else.

Pierre Jouan

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for your links.

In my case, the variable I need is used "within" the Slide Master itself (the muteToggle varable) and not needed outside. I could understand that the variable would not be visible in the main project (global variable), like you can't see triggers on object that belong to the SM.

If variable don't live up to the Theme/Template export, why isn't the Variable button greyed out in SM ?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Pierre,

If you didn't bring it in as a template, but just as a .story file you would still be able to use the variable and associated triggers.

Themes are more design based in terms of colors, fonts, backgrounds, etc. Templates while they do focus on all the slide objects, audio, video, animations, triggers, the slide masters themselves are more focused on layouts and how you can design the default themes, colors, fonts, text, objects and placeholders for your slide.

I hope that helps clarify a bit - and again, if you'd like to see a different behavior we'd be more than happy to see feature request about it! That's the best way to get those ideas directly into the hands of our development team.

Have a great Friday!

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