Variables not working on mobile in web publish

Mar 23, 2022

Hello Everybody,

I'am using Storyline 3 and I'm doing a learning game for my company.
I used variables (text variables) to restrict certains areas (somes variables are placed on layers).

Everything work perfectly on a computer, but, when we test on mobile device, variables do not work ! I try to republish, change variable's name ... etc ... but no results (see attachment to see variables used in project).

It is very important that this project also work on mobile device.

Can anyone help ?

a big thanks !


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Andrea Koehntop

Hi Alexis! Your variables should work across all devices, so I apologize for the issues you are experiencing.

Without seeing your .story file, my initial thought is that the interaction is not allowing the text field to lose focus so the variable can receive the typed value.

If you’re comfortable sharing your project either here or privately through a case, we’re happy to help you investigate what’s happening.

In the meantime, here are a few questions to narrow down the issue:

  • Have you tried testing this on more than one mobile device? I am wondering if the issue only arises on a specific mobile device and not another (example: Android versus iPhone).
  • Which browser are you using to view the course on the mobile device? This is a list of our supported browsers
  • What environment are you viewing the course in? (LMS, web, Review 360, etc.)

I look forward to seeing your file and helping you through this issue! 

Alexis Piffeteau

Hi Andrea,

Thanks you very much for your help !

I tried testing on multiple devices :

  • Desktop (Chrome firexfox) : work fine with the two browsers
  • Mobile android (chrome, firefox) : troubles with text variable
  • Mobile apple ipad (chrome, safari) : trouble with text variables

People can use the course on the web (actually not on lms)

I put a quiz at the end of the course, and intercation work fine even on mobile device.

Thanks again :)

I'll post the project via the private link !


Alexis Piffeteau

Hi Vic,

I had an answer from the support, currently for it to work (on stl 3), it is imperative to use the "button" object, so that the actions with variables (restricted area by code) work on mobile device (no interactive area, interactive image and others ... only "butons").

I change all my interactives area with buttons and it work (test on IOS and Android devices).

I hope it help !