vCard issue


My client wanted a vCard created for two presenters. I link to the vCard, 'vCard.vcf' through Storyline from my desktop. When the client clicks the link in the published course, html and SCORM versions, they get an error page from IE, "Page Cannot Be Found".

Has anyone else run into this issue? Should I be linking another way? I don't get the error from my PC, it downloads fine for me.

Thank you!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Brooke,

I'd never seen anyone use this before - so I did a quick test and made a sample Vcard in Outlook, saved the file and then placed a link to it in a course I published to Articulate Online (for ease of publishing) that you can view here.  When I click the hyperlink, a new window opens and the .vcf file is downloaded and I can open it as a if I were in Outlook. I tested this in Google Chrome and in Internet Explorer 11 - both behaved the same.

Can you try the one I linked to above?