Very Unhappy with New Trigger Function :-(

Nov 07, 2019

I am used to inserting my triggers in the order in which I want them -- usually by object, regardless of the timing. The new trigger function seems to organize the triggers by time, automatically. Is there a way to regain control over where the triggers appear, spatially, in the panel?

Also, whenever I click on a trigger to edit the action, Storyline seems to want to delete the trigger, if I don't click on the EXACT area to edit.

Is there a way I can reverse this update, or go back to the previous trigger function until the bugs are worked out? This is making working with triggers so much harder and more time consuming -- NOT easier and faster.

Sorry for the negative feedback, but I just spent an hour inserting triggers that it used to take me 15 minutes to insert...

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Scarlett Brooks

Considering that the "classic" trigger panel will be available only for "a limited time," can you give me a head's up as to how I can organize my triggers, spatially, how I want them in the new version? I am used to having control over that, esp. for complex interactions. It would be a big adjustment to have that control taken away.  (The up/down arrows to move triggers were not working consistently; the program definitely "wanted" the triggers where "it" wanted them -- not where I wanted them...)

Lauren Connelly

Hello Scarlett!

I'm happy to offer more information on how to work with the new trigger panel! 

You're right, the trigger panel is displayed by the timing of the triggers! The reason for this is when adding multiple triggers in the old workflow, it was easy to overlap triggers. This gives authors a better tool that will help stray from overlapping actions.

The new trigger workflow is set up to separate the triggers by object or slide. For an easy view, you can also group the triggers which makes it easy to see which objects/slides already have triggers. The up and down arrows are for multiple triggers on a slide/object, since the panel is already set up chronologically. 

Let us know if there are any other questions you have regarding the new trigger panel!

Justin Allman

I also want the ability to reorder triggers under a single object back.

While the new trigger function is a huge improvement, I am already missing having complete control over the order. As mentioned above by Lauren, you cannot always control the order of triggers with drag and drop or the arrows - at times it seems to be entirely time based with the last trigger created being stuck on the bottom of the list.  

Right now I am working on a complex project where I am modifying a variable depending on where the user drops an object. I may have 25+ triggers on the drop object, with each trigger setting the location variable to a different value. Having the ability to order these 25+ triggers in a logical way is a huge benefit when it comes to troubleshooting. It's very similar to why a programmer will want to segment and group their lines of code. 

Hopefully this will be added as a future enhancement - I did enter a feature request and linked back to this thread. 

James Washington

Hello all,

I have what I think is a simple question. I'm trying to create a hotspot with a trigger for a text box I don't want revealed until the user hovers over the created hotspot. This hotspot has an additional trigger that when clicked takes the user to another layer. I'm having trouble identifying a trigger for the hotspot that will only show the text box when the mouse is hovering...I keep getting prompted to "show layer" but I only want to hide/show the text box on the there a simple way to do this?


Wendy Farmer

Hi James 

hard to say what's happening with your file without seeing the setup...not sure why you are using a hotspot but see the attached rough sample file if it helps.

The prompt on the trigger is just that - a prompt but you are able to change the actions to whatever you want to happen on hover / click.

If not, if you can upload your slide that will help us help you achieve what you are after.

James Washington

No need to do that Wendy. It's amazing some of the things you can forget how to do when you're not actively working in an application. I've been working almost exclusively on RISE projects this past year and temporarily forgot that I needed to have the "states" feature set to hidden to create the affect I wanted. Thanks for your consistent support and response!

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