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Jun 08, 2012

Size problem:

I have set the story size to 720x405 px (16:9).

When I insert a mp4 video with size 1920x1080 px (16:9) from file, the screen isn't completely filled because Storyline is re-encoding the video to 718x405 px.

Quality problem:

When I preview or publish the project the video stutters.

The quality of the re-encoded video in the story_content folder is adequate, but when I run the story.html file the video stutters. The Video quality slider is set to best quality when I publish.

So my question is: Why does this happen? Is there anything I can do about it?

The project:

The project file:

The video in the story_content folder:

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Tomas Hedström

Forgot to post a reply. I have been busy producing e-learning courses

By now I have been using hundreds of videos in Storyline, so here is an update of the video problems:

Size problem:

It doesn't matter if I use a 720p, 1080p, flv or mp4 or any other video with the ratio 16:9 in Storyline. With the story size set to 720x405 px (16:9), Storyline will re-encode the video to 718x405 px when I insert it. The solution I have been using is to resize the video in Storyline to 720x406 pixels so it fills the screen. I haven't seen any big quality losses with that. It's not a big deal.

Here is a link to a 720p mp4 source video file.

Quality problem:

This is my biggest issue with Storyline. It compresses video to much during re-encoding!

Especially the audio of the video. My clients can barely accept the quality loss.

The solution I have been using is to use a video format that Storyline doesn't re-encode.

By the way. It's the same then I insert audio from a file. Storyline compresses it to much.

Here is a link to a 16 bit 44KHz PCM WAV source audio file 

Bandwidth is not a problem today. Let us please have an option in Storyline to use the source files without re-encoding, or encoding them to a higher quality!

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