Video sound controls in html5

Dec 05, 2014

I have published a lesson with html5 for iPad viewing (we are chosing not to use the Articulate Mobile viewer). The lesson includes some videos, which must be muted as I am using separate sound files.

Is it possible that the video sound controls in Storyline are ignored when the lesson is published in html5?

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Alison Martin

I tried publishing the same lesson in Storyline 2. The results are similar. Instead of hearing the audio tracks from the screencast and the audio, only the muted track from the screencasts plays.

I would hate to have to redo all of my screencasts. I would really appreciate any suggestions for a workaround.


Emily Ruby

Hello Alison!

On iOS devices, the audio level is always under the user’s physical control. The volume property is not settable in JavaScript. You can read here for more information from Apple.

We do have a workaround for this:

1- Select your video in Storyline.
2- Under the Options ribbon click Edit Video.
3- Click on Volume.
4- Change the volume to -100%.
5- Click Ok.
6- Click Save and Close.


Hope this helps!

Becky Serbin

All of this information was very useful but I ran into a slightly different problem.  I changed the video files as Emily stated to do and that did remove the audio from the video.  But the voice over audio which is a separate file is also muted even though I have not changed the audio settings for that file.  When I play the slide in Storyline, the voice over audio is there while the video plays but when I publish and view in HTML5 it is gone. How do I fix this?

Becky Serbin

Hi Christie,

All of my Storyline files are on my local c drive.  I am publishing all of my files to LMS using Tin Can API so that I can upload to our LMS for use on cell phones.  Once I published the file today, I was viewing HTML5 prior to uploading to the LMS.  I had the same issue happen yesterday (viewing a course on my iPhone) and I assumed it was just that file so I was using a different file today and had the same issue.  And the really strange part is that this issue does not occur with all videos.

How is the best way to send the file?

Christie Pollick

Hi, Becky -- I appreciate the additional information, and details of what you are experiencing. If you would like others in the community to have the ability to test your file, you are welcome to share it here in the thread by using the Add Attachment button below. Or, if privacy is a concern, you may use this form to send your file to me for confidential review. 

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