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Jun 12, 2018

I have been working on a storyline which is primarily video - one ~5 minute video clip, with 3 or 4 questions interspersed during the video.

I have been experimenting with a few things specifically:

  • Seek or no Seek
  • Questions on their own slides or via layers on the main slide (which contains the video
    • Questions are triggered by the timeline - as the timeline hits a certain time, video appears

I have trouble with all of them, mostly around the video's interaction with the seek bar.

When I allow Seeking (from the player), the video does not behave as expected.

With no seek, the behavior is better (but as noted on another post, this makes it very tedious to test, when you have a question 5 minutes in...).

However, if questions appear in a new slide, when returning to the main slide with the video - the video continues in the correct place, however none of the other questions are triggered.

The only working option I have is to use No Seek and Layers (which is harder to organize). (It looks like Seek with Layers works OK as well, at least in this short test version)

I believe Articulate has identified that the (mis)interaction between the video 'timeline' and the player 'seek bar' as a bug.  Are there any updates on this being fixed?  (I am using Storyline 3 Update 4)


I am attaching examples of all 4 scenarios - as .story files (let me know if you need the output files).  All thoughts and comments are greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Ashley Kingon

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Leslie McKerchie

Hey Ashley,

Thanks for sharing your files and allowing me to take a look.

Since it seems that you like the way the Seek with Layers works, that's the file I focused on.

I did notice that if you went back in the video, then the layers would pop back up and I can see where that could be confusing for your learners.

I added 3 variables for the questions to indicate when they were 'done', so that if the user scrolled back in the video they wouldn't pop back up to confuse them.

Let me know if this is closer to what you are looking for.

Your updated file is attached.

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I have a similar problem, the player seekbar get out of sync any time the video stops (network slow, clicking on the video to pause, clicking pause on video player, ..)

Also, when you click on the video seekbar, the player seekbar also get out of sync.

It seems that player seekbar is not working at all when the video sudendly change it's sequence.

To reproduce this problem, you only needs to add any .mp4 to any slide, and add the video controls option "Below Video".


Training Solutions

Hi Alyssa!

Thanks for the information.

I still don't understand why you say that the video timeline and the player timeline are different, because when I click on the player seekbar the video perfectly sync with the player timelines.

Also, if I remove the video seekbar, I can control the video timeline with the player seekbar, right?



Alyssa Gomez

Hi Activica,

Sorry for the confusion! You are correct that the player seekbar will control the video on the slide. For example, if you click the player seekbar to skip ahead in the timeline, the video will also skip ahead.

However, the same is not true for the video control bar. If you skip ahead on the video control bar, the player seekbar will not skip ahead.

It sounds like you want to keep the video in sync with the player seekbar. In that case, I would recommend removing the video control bar altogether, so the learner can control the video using the player seekbar only.

Let me know if that helps!

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