Videos in Storyline 2 - is there a limit on size/length?

I have to create courses of a series of video lectures that each have a quiz at the end to check the comprehension of the material presented. Each of these 6 lectures runs about 45 minutes to an hour and I wondered if I can put each video in as one single item or should I split them into two or more segments? 

Is there a limit on the size of a video in SL2? The original .mov files are huge, but converting them to .flv files reduces the size considerably so  I assume that is the best format.

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Mauro Gaiotto

Hello Andy!

Personally, I've managed to put mp4 video lasting even 1 hour and a half, but I wouldn't do that anymore. It causes many difficulties in editing the .story file and also problems to the users while resuming scorms.

After that awful experience, I import mp4 lasting no more than 30 minutes, converted in order to be maximum 200mb. No problems with these settings.

I suggest using Handbrake, a very powerful and free software to convert videos.


Christie Pollick

Hi, Andy -- Thanks so much for reaching out, and while I will defer to your fellow community members to share their specific recommendations and advice, I did want to share the following:

And, you would also be welcome to post your question over in our design-related Building Better Courses forum, as well! :)

Walt Hamilton

Just a little bit of learning philosophizing.

You will break your learner's will long before you will break SL  Mauro thinks working on a file like that is an awful experience, he should have to sit through one to learn true horror. FWIW, If I can't break it up after 20 minutes, I consider the design a failure.

Christie Pollick

Thanks so much for sharing your insights, Walt! :)

And in the vein, here are a few more discussions that may be of interest with recommendations and best practices for overall course length:

Hope that helps! :)