Videos Stops and Has Blank Screen After 3/4 Way Thru Course

I'm working on a phone course to show how our new phones work.  There are about 60 short videos (less then 2 minutes each; some are even 9 seconds).  However, at some point, the user  experiences the screen going black and the course seems to freeze up.  It's usually around the button "MeetMe Conference" under the category "Call Functions".  Another issue I'm having is that once all the videos have played I want the course to exit.  That doesn't seem to be working correctly.  Any ideas?  I appreciate any help I can get.

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Lauren Connelly

Hello Cyndie!

Thank you so much for attaching the file! I was able to test it on my end and didn't have any issues with the screen blanking or freezing. It would be best to get our Support Engineers involved so we can understand where the culprit is.

You can click this link to start a case! It's also a good one to keep bookmarked just in case.