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Jan 22, 2015

I have create a lesson where there is a 'menu' view with multiple branching points within the menu. When the user has accessed all the branching points (there is a 'visited states that displays for each) I want the layer to display indicating they have viewed all the options (branches) and can now exit the course or go back and review if they wish.

I created a T/F variable for each branch (marked as false), then created a trigger on each of the branches set the variable value to true when timeline starts.


Then on the 'menu' page I created a trigger indicating to show layer when variable changes. I placed in the conditions that each variable should display true.

I'm thinking I missed a step, but I'm not sure where. Can someone assist (it's in Storyline 1)? 



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Terri Merrill

Thanks Michael... I may have a few questions as I see if I can use the same/similar concept.

I really have to say, of any of the support groups I have ever been involved in, this is the best.  I hope that eventually I will become proficient enough to help answer questions at some point and not just ask them : ).


Terri Merrill

Michael/Emily - You are Dolls!  I looked at the example Micheal sent.  I had set one of my slide layer displays incorrectly. Once I went over each of the slides and compared it, I found the error, fixed it and it appears to be working smoothly...

As always, thank you. You guys keep making me look really good!  Folks review stuff and say... "can you just have the session do X, I think that would be good, it shouldn't take too much time I would think..."

Sometimes it truly doesn't take much, other times... well my lack of comfort with variables really affects the outcomes... Thank you!!!

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