Viewing E-Learning on a Mobile Device via Cornerstone on Demand LMS

Hi Everyone,

We have recently started using Cornerstone On Demand as our company Learning Management System.

I was just wondering if anyone else uses this and whether they have been able to launch any of their storyline courses onto mobile devices.

Any hints, tips, things to look out for would be really appreciated!

Thanks for your help

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Ali Goulet

Hey there Trevor!

I'll have to defer to the community for personal insight and tips regarding Cornerstone. However, I did want to pop in quick and share this Cornerstone thread with you. There's a wealth of community knowledge that's been shared there as well as many Cornerstone users subscribed to it. If you don't see the type of tips and advice you're looking for there already, you may wish to reach out directly in it! :) 

Trevor Young

Hi James,

Sorry for the late reply, just in the middle of quite a large project at the moment.

We have recently upgraded to Articulate 360 and have been releasing courses in Cornerstone on both desktop and mobile devices.

All seems to be working really well.

My only issue is around MP4 s embedded in courses. When they are played within a slide rather than the animation appearing on the slide it appears in a new window and is played on its own.

This is covered on another discussion. (How can I get an MP4 to play within a slide on an I-pad?).

Hope this helps