Viewing Storyline modules on an IPad

Oct 17, 2013


How do I send my module to a viewer using an iPad.  I tried via Web publishing and email, but the file did not open on the iPad.  

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Jill Sacca

Thanks for the post..  Hope someone can help me...   I've just installed Stoyline so I can now post our modules to HTML5 ---  they supported by an LMS -- as we are required to capture results.   I've published the modules by selecting LMS and the HTML5 option, as well as selecting this option when publishing to our LMS system / Skillsoft. When viewing on ipad, I can see the modules, but there is no auto play --and I don't see a 'play' or launch option  Help.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Kim! Looks like Michael took care of your question.

Hi Jill and welcome to E-Learning Heroes! I'm not sure if you've read through the documentation about publishing your project for iPad and HTML5, but that can be found here

Users may need to tap the screen to get media to start. There is another helpful article here.

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