"Visited" state that is grayed out version of Normal state

Apr 17, 2017

I want to create an image on a master page that the user can click on the image it jumps to another slide, but when they come back to the master page, the image is grayed out because they have visited this link. I don't want it hidden, but need it to be grayed out. Thanks!

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Kevin Thorn

HI Craig,

Best way is to add a "Visited" state to the image.

Select the image. In the Timeline panel, click on the States tab. 

  • Edit states
  • Add new state (small white page looking icon)
  • Click the dropdown menu and select "Visited"

This will create a duplicate copy of the Normal state of the image. While still in the Edit states mode, select the newly added image in Visited and apply an image filter to your liking.

Storyline will do the rest. The image will change from Normal to Visited once it has been clicked at least one time. 

Note: It's an object state now so it will always remain in that Visited state unless you add an additional trigger to change it back to Normal. 

Hope this helps.

Rakesh Nair

Hi Kevin,,pls help me out ere,

I got a button (eg: Button A) which expands and shows underneath a list of 4 buttons  to different pages.

This is what i want.. I want a tick mark on top of  Button A only when user visited all sections via the 4 buttons underneath. I could make the visited state for these 4 buttons but wondering how to make the button A show tick mark using condition trigger..

Thanks in advance..