Want to loop video only during appearance on slide and not entire slide

Dec 03, 2017


I have inserted a video into a slide and set it to loop (Trigger: Play media when Media completes). I have the video large during the first 25 seconds of the slide. Then I make that video disappear and bring in a cropped, smaller version to appear next to text. I would like the first video (during the first 25 seconds) to loop within that 25 seconds; but I'm assuming by setting the trigger as I have, that's why it keeps coming back after the 25 seconds. I tried to also include a trigger to only play the media until 25 seconds, but then it doesn't loop if that's my sole trigger. I've attached the slide below. Any ideas?

Thank you! -Beth

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Beth

see if the attached works for you.  I updated your file as follows:

  • Add a layer and placed the large video on that.
  • Set a trigger to show layer when the timeline starts on base layer.
  • Set a trigger on the layer to loop video
  • Set a trigger on the layer to hide layer when timeline ends (25 seconds)

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