Wanted to see if this was possible in Storyline and IT IS!

May 15, 2012

Video Gallery Template for Storyline 360

I came across this interaction on the LA Times Entertainment section.  After playing around with it for a minute or two, I wondered if it was possible to recreate it in Storyline and it is! 

Here is what I did: Voice Over Interaction

The Storyline development was a piece of cake.  Loading videos, setting the triggers, and creating layers was easy!   The Photoshop element was a lot more time consuming.  I used hotspots in order to avoid too much graphics work. 

UPDATE:  I reworked it for you as a template you can use.

Happy storylining!


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Alex Watson said:

I've only just downloaded the demo and havent had a chance to use it yet, but it's great to see what ots capable of. How long did it take you to recreate?

Hi Alex,

Reproducing the LA Times version took quite a while because it involved taking screen shots of the original and recreating many of the graphics in Photoshop. The actual Storyline work was rather quick.  Once I had my  images organized, it was just a matter of putting it all together in Storyline, creating the triggers, states, layers, and embedding video.  The graphics work was a long process since I wanted everything to look really good and I didn't have the source images so there was quite a bit of improvising involved!

Creating the template did not take as long - maybe an hour or so. 

I hope that was helpful!  Start playing around in Storyline already- it's awesome!  I'm hooked and I dream of states and triggers now!

Dean Phillips


I have a storyline course  with about 220 slides, Would it be possible to use this interaction, where each of the 6 boxes displays a different scene, without mousing over the PNGs? It would really be great, if I could have 1 storyline presentation with 1 slide, and navigate to 6 other storyline presentations. The graphics in this course are big.... But I don't think this is possible.

I did download the example,  and experimented with it. Another possibility is:

The interaction is:

1.When the user clicks, jump to scene..

I would like these boxes to display the 1st slide, for each one of these scenes (like portraits on a wall)... when they click the box, then it goes to the 1st slide in the scene...

One of these boxes will be a web object...



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