Way to remember information from first course completion

Feb 28, 2014

I have developed a course with a course menu that leads to several modules and a quiz. The quiz remains locked until the learner has completed all modules. When the learner fails the quiz, he's led to and end screen informing him that he has to leave the module and return at another time.

My client now expects that, when the learner restarts the training, the quiz remains unlocked. Although I could set a variable to true on the end screen and link this to unlocking the quiz, I'm not sure how to ensure this variable remains in changed state when the learner restarts the training and all settings are returned to initial state. Would it require some communication with the LMS? Anyone who ever had a similar request? My client states all their other courses function this way (i.e. are locked during the first run, and unlocked during next runs).

Thanks a million for your help!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mandy,

The variable method would be the first start, and then you'd also want to look into enabling the Resume behavior and setting it to Always or Prompt - so that the user will be brought back to where they left off in the course and all variables will remain in their changed state. Now, since you want them to be able to take everything again - this may  complicate things, and you may want to look at setting the last slide, with a Retry quiz button (look at how it's set up in a Results slide) so that the user can use that to jump back into the quiz and try it again. 

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