Web object

I am working on a diagnostic web based simulator for training which has multiple pages.

This simulator has 3 embedded web objects on one page.  One web object displays content in a div tag.

When i use the next / previous buttons the web objects reload and i loose the div tag content.

I would like the web objects not to reload so my div tag contents dont dissapear when i navagate between pages.

I have used javascript unonload to try and capture the div content and write it to sql but the window seems to close before the json call to a webservice function is able to place the html into my sql.database.

Any ideas on how to.

1. Stop the web object from reloading when using the navagation buttons to switch between aspx pages.

2. Or freezing the web object while seql writes the values.

I am using jquery ajax json to a webservice to sql.

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