Web Object..how to advance

I created a software sim in Captivate 5.5 and I want to insert it into Storyline as a web object that the users have to watch, so I need to remove all navigation from the skin.

Now, when the sim ends everything just stops and remains on the last page of the sim.  Am I missing something?  Is there any way to get that sim to advance when it's finished?  Or put some type of a button on the last page of the sim that could some how branch me  to the next slide in Storyline?

I'm thinking this cannot be done, has anyone done something like this before?

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Joe Boss

Hi Lisa,

Thank you for the detailed reply.  As it transpires, you're right - the master story was waiting for the action, but the Captivate wasn't communicating correctly.

I removed the 'parent' text from the code previously mentioned on here, and that appears to have resolved it.

We need to use Captivate for software simulations, thus maintaining interactivity in the courses from our previous solution.

Thanks again

Dave willingham

Steve, Any sample code you can provide using postmessage? My web object resides on a different domain then the course and I'm getting access is denied trying to access the player.

I'm using:

var player=parent.GetPlayer();

How can I structure this using postmessage? Something similar to below? Any help is greatly appreciated! under tight deadline...

let win = window.frames.example;
win.postMessage("message", "http://example.com");