Sharing: Web Object that reads Excel content into Storyline

Hi! I would like to share a web app that I am using for an Excel course. I have modified this app from SheetJS's great piece of code (Community Edition) that reads Excel file content using JavaScript. 

My modified app allows you to specify the worksheet and cells to read in the "submitted" Excel file and writes the cell contents into Storyline variables. 

It also changes the background image while the code is processing the Excel file. When inserted into a Storyline file and resized appropriately, it looks like a file input html button. 

Try it out here:

Download the project files here:

How to use this web object:

  1. Specify the Excel worksheets and cells to read in "excel-sl2-config.xml" before inserting web object.
  2. Name Storyline variables using this convention: {sheetname}_{cell address} for the web object to write cell values.
  3. Create also a Storyline variable: ReadExcelFlag, whose value will become "completed' when the web object has completed reading the specified cells and writing them into Storyline variables. Can use this to trigger next action.
  4. Most ideal dimension for the web object is 200 x 50 px because the 2 images used to make it look like a button are in this dimension. So the dimension can be changed if you change the images. To avoid changing the code, just use the same file names "btn_select_file.png" and "btn_loading_file.png".

Please leave some comments! :)

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