What (if anything) is going wrong with this?

Jan 30, 2024

So I have this little thing I like to use which usually works well except sometimes it doesn't and I'm not sure if its me or the software.


(there's word about this server going off so lemme know if you can't get on the page)


So what is supposed to happen is:

Choose your option which changes the state of the main display box;

The display box displays  to the chosen state and changes the selected option to its highlighted state and changes it back to its normal state when the content is in any other state (if that makes sense).

*triggers relating to box1

Sometimes though one of the boxes just won't do the highlight thing unless I keep the mouse still for a good second or so before moving off the box, while the rest still seem to work fine.

*display box with no selected highlight (flies box should be on)

* doing what it's supposed to do


Cheers in advance for any tips/advice.  

Storyline file attached.

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Garth Yorko

Use the built in Hover state. I duplicated over state to create the built in hover state. In this case, the built in function works fine. I deactivated the triggers you have to change the state when the mouse hovers as this is now built in. I added a trigger to each button to change the state to "on" when the earner clicks it.  

See the file attached for the changes to the triggers.  It seems to work better.

Steven Benassi

Hi Bruce!

It sounds like you're noticing input delay when triggering states in your Storyline course. Sorry to hear that, but I'd be happy to assist!

Glad to see Garth has been helping you out! Testing the behavior on my end (64-bit Storyline 360 version 3.84.31647.0 via Windows Parallels on a Mac M1) I was unable to reproduce the same issue. Testing this in preview mode, as well as after publishing to Review 360, the boxes on the left became highlighted as soon as I hovered my mouse over them. The main display box also functioned as intended.

Would you mind clarifying how you were viewing the course when you encountered this issue? Published to the Web, an LMS, or someplace else?

Also, the link you shared was unfortunately inaccessible on my end.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Bruce French

"Would you mind clarifying how you were viewing the course when you encountered this issue? Published to the Web, an LMS, or someplace else?"

It was happening in the preview and in the web based. The thing is though it was inconsistent. It'll present some of the times but it will only be one box that does it and not always the same one. I mean when it does it its always the same box but the next time it might be a different box that always does it, if that makes sense.

It's not the hover state that giving me issues, it's the selected state. When the main box is displaying content the relevent option box is supposed to stay in the black/white highlight "on" state. Your video doesn't seem to be keeping the "on" state on for any of them though so thats new.

I copy/paste then edit the triggers so I'm pretty sure they are all doing the same thing, and most of the time it does work so I'm even more sure the triggers are right.

I feared the link might be dead, I need to have a word with IT here and get somewhere new.



Jose Tansengco

Hi Bruce,

I took a look at your project file and saw that you just need to add the built-in 'Selected' and 'Hover' states for your menu items to make everything work. 

I've attached an edited version of your project file where I added the 'Selected' and 'Hover' states to the Files menu options. I've also disabled some unnecessary triggers in the file that aren't required to make the interaction work.

Let me know if this is how you want the menu items to behave!

Bruce French

Thanks for that.

It won't let me open your file because it is using better font scaling or something and I don't have that and it won't let me update (how do I even check for updates?)

Anyway. I duplicated my page, made hover and selected states for each box by duplicating mine and deleted all my custom triggers and my problem is the hover state overrides the selected state which is why I started going through this whole thing with my custom over/on states so I can tell it to go to over unless it is on.  Which works most of the time except when it doesn't. It didn't used to let me set the override for hover when I first started doing this but now it does apparently but as far as I could tell that was still demonstrating the same issue.

With this page it seems to be the flies box most susceptible. As far as I can tell the triggers are identical for all 4 boxes. Can you see anywhere for box 1 that I might have missed or isn't the same as the others?