What kind of MacBook can I use Storyline on?

Oct 28, 2023

Dear Articulate Community,

I have a relatively old MacBook Air (I bought it back in 2018) that uses an Intel processor. And I was thinking of getting myself a new Air so I can keep using Mac, and simultaneously, download Parallels and Windows so I can use Storyline on it. And I have a few questions:

1. Is there a difference between M1 chip and M2 chip?

2. Would 256 GB for my Air be enough or would it be better for me to get an Air with 512 GB?

3. I see other components in the Air such as Core 7 or Core 8, CPU and GPU and I am totally lost. 

On a different note, I have experimented creating some content on Rise, and I would like to get some feedback on what I have created. 

I would appreciate any guidance and thank you for your patience.



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Robert Stryker

Hi John,
I'll chime in here -- a little reluctantly since this could be a significant hardware purchase on your part.

Quick background: I have a 2018 Macbook Air that I've run Storyline 3 on via Windows on Bootcamp. It performs absolutely fine for me. So perhaps that's an option for your existing gear.

Regarding the what to get questions, I'm mindful that every performance choice you make with Mac means an accompanying step up by $100-$200 in cost. Plus you may have a subscription cost for Parallels and the cost of the Windows OS. For those reasons, you may want to consider getting the highest spec "open box" Air through a reputable retailer. On an M2, with 512gb of storage, you can save a couple hundred dollars.

It sounds possible the M3 will be introduced for part of the Mac family today, so if the Air is involved, there may be deals in the near future as stock clears.

This thread goes into more detail about M2 and Windows virtualization.

My personal take. The above does not reflect the views of my employer.
Good luck!

John Colangelo

Thank you, Bob.

Actually I do have a 2018 MacBook 💻 Air and Bootcamp. And this would be a much more affordable option.

How would I prepare my laptop for this endeavor? I read somewhere that you have to allocate a specific amount of space to Articulate. Do I have to download Microsoft if I already have Bootcamp?

Finally, can I recover more space in my Mac by transferring my files to an external disk?

I apologize for all of my questions.

And thank you for answering my questions.



Get Outlook for iOS

John Colangelo

Hi Art. 

The article is getting complicated for me. 

Like I said in the previous message, I erased the USB type C, I also erased and renamed the Samsung external memory, and I downloaded the Virtual Box. 

How do I download Windows 10?