What's up with the menu tonight?

Apr 08, 2013

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Hi All

I am looking for some assistance please from you experts out there.

I took an example previously posted on the forum and I am trying to make it work for my course (attached).  I want the user to start course by clicking button for Topic 1 and then, read the contents of the Topic 1 material then, move onto Topic 2 and so on.  I want buttons to change to normal/visited state after each topic content has been read [I also set a variable flag true/false to track if all topics have been completed].  Once all 6 topics have been read (in sequential order), I want then, to unhide the quiz button - not included yet [use the true / false variable to check if all topics have been completed]. 


For some reason I can get topic 1 and partly topic 2 to work but, after this, I can't get any of the logic to work (well, I don’t know how to make it work:(().

Any help from you experts out there would be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Jilo,

Great design, I love the look of the main buttons

Michael did a great job, too. Thanks for sharing this! 

I was looking at the file at the same time, apparently. Just wanted to mention that I noticed your main slide is set to "Reset to initial state". I found most of what you have already works, when you select "Resume saved state".

Good luck with the project!

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