What Would Make Me Buy Articulate 360

Jun 29, 2017

I know the world is going to subscription-based software, but I am not a fan. If Articulate 360 had a strong video editing program that rivals Camtasia, I'd be all aboard, but right now the question I always get is, "If we get the suite, does it have EVERYTHING you need?"  Well, no, I still need Camtasia...

Though I drool over the Content Library, I don't see much use for some of the other products (and for subscription-based, I'd need to use all of them weekly to justify the year-over-year cost). Right now, I'd use Storyline, Content Library and Rise (and Rise rarely). None of the others. Hard to justify the cost when Storyline 2 is perpetual.  

Any plans for a good video editor? Storyline and Replay don't count.

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