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Jul 11, 2012

 client asks you to give a ballpark estimate on creating a half hour Articulate Storlyline of medium complexity. What range of hours would you suggest it takes? An Hour? Appreciate quick responses, the client wants something today!

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Bob S

Hi Carole,

Not sure if it would work for you here, but  one standard sales technique for this kind of situation goes as follows...

"It's a common question, here is the deal... What you are asking about typically goes from about X to about Y depending on several factors. That's the ballpark range. Once we sit down and dicuss your specific needs, I will come back with # options that have specific costs associated with them and you can see what makes sense for your business. How does that sound?"

Hope this helps and good luck landing the contract,


David Anderson

Hi Carole,

In many ways, Storyline makes development easier and quicker. But like others, I would want to see an example of "medium" to understand what the customer's expectations were. 

You could show some selected samples from our showcase or elearning examples blog as possible ranges. I wouldn't show everything because that will likely open more issues 

Todd Fleming

Looks like a couple of people said about 30 hours for a 30 minute medium complexity course. Are those your planning guidelines for the whole project start to finish including analysis, design, script writing, assets and Articulate development? 30 hours seems low to me for the whole process, particularly if it is a client that you don't work with on a daily basis.

Phil Mayor

Today i produced two 12 minute courses without audio in 6 hours and sent for review.  really depends on the content, but I would expect to produce 30 minutes in 30-40 hours, including analysis, design, assets and development.  I dont do voice overs, so add your estimate for voice over here .....  More than confident that 30-40hours is doable.

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