When applying Master Slide layout to Question slides, the text box for the question answer becomes one line and extends off the right of slide - why?

When applying Master Slide layout to Question slides, the text box for the question answer goes down to one line and extends off the right of slide so that the text is cut off and you can't read the question. Most of the questions I use are  5 to 7 lines in length, using Articulate, 20 pt type. 



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Jim Beckman

Thanks. Unfortunately, we are applying question numbering to question banks in an existing course. The course was originally created in Articulate Presenter. I thought it had something to do with the fact that it's been converted so many times (also from SL 2 to 360). But if this is happening to you with courses created in SL originally, maybe it's still a current issue? Does the staff have any input on this and how best to solve the problem? I forgot to mention that you cannot adjust the size of the text box with the question once what I described happens. The only way I've found to fix it is to insert manual hard returns in the body of the question so that the text doesn't run off the slide.

Any additional input on how to best handle this problem would be appreciated.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jim,

It sounds similar to an issue that's been reported to our team, but we've seen very few examples of it, so that can be difficult for our testing. In the scenarios we've run into, if you apply a built-in Powerpoint design theme or an existing blank slide master layout to an already setup custom layout it can cause the text to no longer wrap. In both of these scenarios, the issue was only seen after saving, closing and reopening the project. Does that match what you've encountered?

It would help if you have a .story file for us to take a look at, and if you can take a Peek of the problem! You can include the "Share" link here in your reply and upload the .story file using the Add Attachment button. or if you need to share that privately please send to our Support Engineers referencing this discussion.

Jim Beckman

Maybe I was the one who reported it to your team! I also turned in a support case about this a couple weeks ago.

Yes, it happens after saving, closing and reopening the project. We used a blank slide layout and applied it to a quiz question, following a fairly prominent Storyline user's article on the topic (see link here):

Can you tell us where we're going wrong here? Or how we can correct what we're doing and still accomplish our goal? We're using a variable and trigger on the Master to create a question numbering scheme for our assessments. We don't want to have to go into each assessment question and set up the variable/trigger on each slide individually.




Ren Gomez

Hi Jim,

I appreciate this additional insight! I found the support case where you were recently troubleshooting with Chino on the text box formatting. I have re-opened the case and shared this latest update with him.

He'll be in touch directly, as we're happy to work with you further on this!

Regarding the slide numbering, the article you mentioned is from 2016. Have you had a chance to try our newest feature: Adding slide numbers? Since you’re using questions banks, you’ll want to focus on the section that discusses switching your slide numbers to project order or showing the slides in your player properties. Let me know how it goes!