When Can We Expect To See a Local Library?

Mar 07, 2017

Love S360! I really do. In fact, I have moved my development from Captivate to S360 for a number of reasons. There is one thing that I do miss, however: That local library of assets. I hate the thought of re-using media assets when I could be using each asset once with multiple instances of each. But I'd like to take that library one step farther. I want easy access to my own 

  • slide/object functions
  • custom animations (think typing an entry into a field letter by letter)

These are just two off the top of my head. Given time I'm sure I can add to it. Just FYI, I'm an old Authorware guy and miss the HUGE amount of "stuff" I could store, access and use.  Anyway, again, love S360 and hope that its extensibility will increase.

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