"When Timeline starts" triggers keep on triggering even when slides are set to "Resume Saved State"

Dec 17, 2019


I keep encountering a weird problem with SL 360: "When Timeline starts" triggers keep on triggering even when slides are set to "Resume Saved State".

Let's say I have a numerical variable to increase by 1 "when Timeline starts". When you first get to the slide, the variable increases by 1. When you move along, but return to that slide, the variable increases by 1 again. That's not normal...

The thing is that it should only increase once, because since the slide is set to  "Resume Saved State", the timeline technically starts only once. Since it should not "reset to initial state", any "when timeline starts" trigger should not trigger another time.

Has anyone encountered this?

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Phil Mayor

This is expected behaviour, timeline start triggers will fire whenever a slide starts irrespective of the resume state. 

As you explain I tend to agree it maybe wrong, however I have built loads of interactions relying on that dynamic. Jerry's answer maybe the solution (sort of) if you add it to an object instead of the slide then it may not fire more than once (it may do though). Or you need a condition to stop firing.

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