When updating a file from SL2 to SL360 text box states are completely altered

Nov 23, 2016

I was never able to get bullet points to animate correctly in a text box in previous versions of Storyline so I've always created a separate text box for each bullet point. To mimic a powerpoint feature (first bullet point fades as next bullet point is displayed) I created a textbox state that simply changed the font color to grey when the next bullet point appears in the timeline

When I update a file all of the grey textbox states that I have created revert to a smaller textbox that totally screws up the formatting. The only way to correct it is to edit each textbox state to adjust the size of the faded state.

After some testing I found that the additional state that I had created was reverting back to the size of the textbox defined in the slide layout that I had used (most textbox sizes had been altered to accommodate the text that I had used)

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Brian,

Sorry for any confusion and thanks for sharing a description of what you've had to do surrounding this behavior. I can barely remember back to Storyline 1, but I know the animation by paragraph was always a tricky one and then was drastically better in Storyline 2 (part of me feels like you couldn't do it in Storyline 1 at all...but that could be the impending holiday brain I've got!). In regards to how you've set it up though - are you only seeing this behavior when upgrading files from SL1 to SL2? Without seeing your file, something that comes to mind is that there was a shift in behavior for text boxes within SL2 where an additional pixel was added to the end to accommodate some changes in text overall that were implemented, so you'd see that shift when upgrading a file. 

Have you been testing this in SL360 as well? If you've got a sample file handy with your described workaround we're always happy to take a look too and that's the best way to help us determine bug, design and an author generated behavior - so feel free to upload it here using the "add attachment" button at the bottom of the forum reply.

You can also always reach out to our Support Engineers here.  We are all getting ready for a little holiday break (read: lots of eating pie) but we'll be back to full strength on Monday, just perhaps with a few more pounds.  ;) 

Brian  Steers

Hi Ashley

I think you are correct... after a bit more testing the projects that had problems with the update were indeed originally created in SL1, then updated to SL2, then to 360. So the workaround shouldn't be as daunting a task as I had originally thought since most of my projects have been created in SL2 and these seem to be updating correctly. 


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