When user retakes quiz, score is not resetting to 0

Sep 23, 2021

My Quiz consists of 6 slides:

  1. Slide 1 gives the title of the quiz.
  2. Slides 2 - 5 are the quiz slides.
  3. Slide 6 gives the score and has a Retake Quiz button if the user wishes to improve their score.

When I click the Retake Quiz button, I am taken back to the beginning as expected (i.e. slide 1) but the score is not resetting to 0 so when I retake the test my score is my previous score plus my new score.

On each slide, I have set the Slide Properties to "When revisiting: Reset to initial state".

What am I doing wrong please?


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Meera Lynn
Phil Mayor

On the second image the reset results trigger has to move above the jump to trigger. Also may need to check that your condition is met

I have moved the Reset above the Jump but getting same issue.

With regards to the Condition - which slide would that be on please/How do I set that please?

Are there any tutorials on setting up a small quiz with retake quiz options please?

Meera Lynn
Leslie McKerchie

Thanks, Meera. I can see that you're currently working with Lejan, and they sent a reply to you on 9/23/2021. Did you get this email?

I implemented their suggestions but still having issues with the scoring. I have replied asking him to give me an upload link so I can send the story through again. 

Den Miden

Hi Meera,

Would you please explain this part of your post "so when I retake the test my score is my previous score plus my new score."? I don't understand how come two scores are shown on the same result slide. Anyway, for a given scenario, I would try to put the reset trigger on your beginning slide: Reset results 15.1RESULTS when the timeline starts on this layer if Exercise1Complete is true. As Phil stated above, It would be great if you can upload a sanitized version of your file so someone can take a better look and resolve the issue. 

Meera Lynn

The course has 6 quizzes.

Once the user has taken all 6 quizzes, they are taken to the Results slide. If they wish to improve their score, they click RETAKE QUIZ 1. Problem I am having is that when they retake quiz 1 (or any other quiz for that matter) they get their new score added onto their score prior to the retake. That's what I meant by 2 scores are shown on same slide. 

Thanks for the tip - I shall review all the slides to see if they are set that way.