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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Ted,

That is a great question! I did a little investigating and it looks like question banks are file-specific. They're stored within the .story file, itself. 

Here's some additional information:

Question banks are file-specific, meaning they only pertain to the story in which they're located.  However, like any other slides in your story, question bank slides can be imported into a different story if you want to reuse them.

The original tutorial can be found here.

Let me know if you have any other questions!



Ted Hildebrandt


That's exactly what I needed to know.  Turns out I really messed myself up by not making
a new story although I thought I was in a new one so I deleted all the Question banks wanting
to start over and they all disappeared from all the other files I had worked on. Lost them all.
But now at least I know what I did wrong.   Thanks!